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TMB Services was formed when I left the City Of Galveston where I was the IT Manager.

Since then I’ve fixed computers, reloaded software, and taught users the basics of computer use, and solved software problems with a number of different software packages, including Quickbooks, MS Office,  and MS Windows.  Recently I started working on tablets, smart phones, and Macintosh computers.

I admit that I don’t know everything about all the different computers and software, but I do know where to find the answers and how to apply them.

If you need cameras for security, I’ve been installing wireless cameras and their monitoring software for home and business.

If you want a personal or business web site, give me a call and we’ll see what I can do for you.

I have been working on, fixing, programming, training on, personal computers since 1979.  My first systems were Apple ][ computers, which I networked for a tool and die maker in NJ.